Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on bringing financial freedom to people. There are a lot of people struggling to find answers and we are tired of not being heard or seen, so we created wealthflight where we bring advertisers, entreprenours and common people together.


Submit your post on wealthflight. Other users will view your post to earn points. When someone views your post, you will lose points.

Earn points

You can earn points by viewing other users posts. You can also earn points by interacting with the site commenting, liking and posting etc. One of the best ways to earn points is to refer other users to wealthflight.


When someone joins wealthflight through your referral link you will earn 40 points.

VIP Program

VIP Program gives you new ways to advertise. To start earning “vips” you need to view featured posts that are in your activity page. When you get your VIP Pass you get access to the VIP Lounge where you can earn more “vips”.

You can use your earned “vips” to advertise in the vip advertising forum. Advertising in the vip advertising forum can give your advertisements more exposure, because some posts are pinned randomly to the top so that everybody can see them.


Membership allows you to post in the featured section and gives extended time to your posts and events.

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